11.7T microimaging MRI -Bruker Biospec
  • Micro-imaging T1/T2/T2*
  • Proton density
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Diffusion
  • fMRI
  • MRS
  • Elastography

Imaging and analysis of living organisms > MRI > Preclinical > Research

Bruker BioSpec USR 117/16 preclinical MRI (11.7T) associated with a 750mT/m gradient sheath. This equipment has a set of proton probes adapted to imaging and spectroscopy of small rodents (mouse/rat) but also 13C, 23Na, 31P probes as well as a cryo-probe dedicated to the study of the mouse.

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7 Avenue Jean Capelle
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Denis Grenier

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INSA Lyon, Bât. Léonard de VINCI
21 Avenue Jean CAPELLE
69621 Villeurbanne

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