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Imaging and analysis of living organisms > Ultra sound scanner

These tree equipments have several probes : linear, phased array, 3D mecanical convexe, CMUT, Multi-lines with 3 connectors of 128 channels. They are avalaibles for academics or industrials. We can do classical echography (Bmode, Mmode, doppler, 3D) but we can configure, compute and have access to post-beamforming data to benefit from advanced techniques like elastography, harmonic imaging or any else new method to implement and test.Don't hesitate to contact the platform's manager for more information.

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7 Avenue Jean Capelle
69100 Villeurbanne
04 72 43 82 27

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Adeline Bernard

Responsable Plateau Ultra-Sonore

Depending structure : CREATIS
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INSA Lyon, Bât. Léonard de VINCI
21 Avenue Jean CAPELLE
69621 Villeurbanne

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