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Smart RAO / Meca 3D - Fabrication Mécanique

he MECA3D Technical Innovation Center is made up of 3 technology transfer teams and the Industrial Product Process Management (MIP2) engineering center of INSA Lyon's Mechanical Engineering Department. The Technical Center for Innovation offers a wide range of skills and technological resources for industry associated with mechanical products and processes. A dozen engineers and technicians specialized in mechanical design, 3D scanning, ISO GPS tolerancing, mechanical prototyping, additive manufacturing and 3D printing, product industrialization, dimensional metrology and quality offer their transversal skills in order to assist with:

  • services,
  • technological transfers,
  • research & development,
  • continuing education.

Depending structure : Smart RAO
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10 rue des Sports

69621 Villeurbanne

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Depending structure

Smart RAO

10 rue des Sports
Campus LyonTech La Doua, Bâtiment Joseph Jacquard, 1er étage
69621 Villeurbanne

infos : Website

The cluster has organized its activities into two divisions: on one side, the Academic Technology Platform for students, teachers, partner institutions and laboratories, and on the other, the Technical Innovation Center responsible for technological transfers to economic actors.

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