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Smart RAO - Fabrication additive

The S.mart Rhône-Alpes-Ouest cluster and the Mechanical Engineering department of INSA Lyon offer an additive manufacturing technological platform for initial and continuing training establishments, as well as support for research laboratories and companies.
The platform is open to all students and teachers who are members of S.mart Rhône-Alpes Ouest, and includes individual support for the realization of educational or personal projects.

The additive manufacturing resources available make it possible to obtain polymer and metal parts of variable dimensions, precision and mechanical characteristics for the production of functional or non-functional prototypes, or for customizable series parts.

Depending structure : Smart RAO
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10 rue des sports

69621 Villeurbanne Cedex

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Depending structure

Smart RAO

10 rue des Sports
Campus LyonTech La Doua, Bâtiment Joseph Jacquard, 1er étage
69621 Villeurbanne

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The cluster has organized its activities into two divisions: on one side, the Academic Technology Platform for students, teachers, partner institutions and laboratories, and on the other, the Technical Innovation Center responsible for technological transfers to economic actors.

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