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3D Bio-printer with cold extrusion 4 heads.

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5 avenue Gaston Berger
LyonTech-la Doua
6910 Villeurbanne
+33 (0)4 28 27 03 40

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Axel'One is a collaborative innovation platform, unique in France, dedicated to chemistry and environment, giving a new impulse to innovative ways of approaching collaborative research. Focussed on two areas of excellence: innovative materials and innovative processes, the Axel'One platform provides support and hosting services for companies and R&D projects (whether French or European), giving them the means to succeed in the field of Chemistry-Environment.

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Laboratory : 3D FAB

Christophe Marquette

Directeur plateforme 3d.FAB

Depending structure : Axel'one
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3 Rue Victor Grignard
Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 - Campus de a DOUA
69100 Villeurbanne

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