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Plateforme de Tomographie X

X-ray micro-tomography is an imaging technique that enables the 3D reconstruction of a sample. The method consists to reconstitute a volume image from 360 ° X-ray which, in each position of the space, returns a value related to the absorption coefficient of the material.

The MATEIS laboratory has on its premises two devices for performing X-ray micro-scans.

The laboratory may also provide in-situ test devices to mechanically or thermally stress samples during volume acquisition.

Depending structure : MATEIS
Federation :

Ingelyse, Clym, ICL

Lab tutorship :


25, avenue Jean Capelle
Bâtiment Saint Exupéry (3° étage)

Contact Task Facility Manager (TFM)

04 72 43 63 81

Depending structure


345 Avenue Gaston Berger

69100 Villeurbanne
+33(0)4 72 43 83 82

infos : Website

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Steering committee

Composition :

  • en cours de constitution


  • S. Gavarini : CTµ, FRAMA/ICL/BioEnvis – Coordinateur (stephane.gavarini@univ-lyon1.fr)
  • E. Jeanneau : CDHL, ICL (erwann.jeanneau@univ-lyon1.fr)
  • P. Pittet : NanoLyon, FRAMA et ICL (Patrick.Pittet@univ-lyon1.fr)
  • J. Briolay : DTamb, BioEnvis (jerome.briolay@univ-lyon1.fr)
  • C. Oger : PRABI, BioEnvis (Christine.Oger@univ-lyon1.fr)
  • C. Pera : Modélisation et Sc. numérique Fr FLMSN (christophe.pera@univ-lyon1.fr)
  • R. Chiriac : Analyse thermique, ICL (rodica.chiriac@univ-lyon1.fr)
  • Anne Baudouin (CCRMN)
  • Virginie Gueguen-Chaignon (PSF)
  • Brigitte Prevel (ILMTECH)