Vincent Navratil

Responsable de moyens

I am a Technical Leader at PRABI (UFR Biosciences, UCBL1), in the systems biology analysis and modelling core facility (PRABI-AMSB site). My research is focused on pathogen/host interactions systems biology ( and high-throughput data analysis for biomarkers and candidate genes discovery ( My scientific approach is inspired by the emerging science 2.0 or big data-driven science and mainly relies on biological network integration through information systems development, graph theory and multivariate statistical analysis.

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Responsable des moyens


Steering committee

Composition :

  • Président UCBL 1
  • VP Recherche UCBL 1
  • Chargé de mission "Plateformes" UCBL 1
  • Responsable Fédération FRAMA
  • Responsable Fédération ICL
  • Responsable Fédération Bioenvis
  • Responsable Fédération FLMSN
  • Responsable Fédération C2I@L
  • Coordinateur cellule MEANS


  • S. Gavarini : CTµ, FRAMA/ICL/BioEnvis – Coordinateur (
  • E. Jeanneau : CDHL, ICL (
  • P. Pittet : NanoLyon, FRAMA et ICL (
  • J. Briolay : DTamb, BioEnvis (
  • C. Oger : PRABI, BioEnvis (
  • C. Pera : Modélisation et Sc. numérique Fr FLMSN (
  • R. Chiriac : Analyse thermique, ICL (