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Fablab Lyon

Fablab de Lyon / Fabrique

La Fabrique de l'Innovation has two FabLabs in Lyon and Saint-Etienne. You will find many machines there to model and prototype your ideas.

Depending structure : Fabrique de l'Innovation
Lab tutorship :

Université de Lyon

28-30 Avenue Gaston Berger

69100 Villeurbanne

Contact Task Facility Manager (TFM)

04 37 37 26 70

Depending structure

Fabrique de l'Innovation

92 Rue Pasteur

6900 Lyon
04 37 37 26 70

infos : Website

The Innovation Factory is a flagship device of the University of Lyon, an academic site of excellence with a global vocation. Since 2016 with the opening of the first site in Saint-Etienne, we have been mobilizing the university potential of Lyon-Saint-Etienne and the creativity of our students to enable socio-economic players to generate and bring new ideas to life.

Other's Laboratory/Plateforme


* Your email is sent directly to the contact, a copy of this email will be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Facilities manager



Steering committee

Composition :

  • en cours de constitution


  • S. Gavarini : CTµ, FRAMA/ICL/BioEnvis – Coordinateur (stephane.gavarini@univ-lyon1.fr)
  • E. Jeanneau : CDHL, ICL (erwann.jeanneau@univ-lyon1.fr)
  • P. Pittet : NanoLyon, FRAMA et ICL (Patrick.Pittet@univ-lyon1.fr)
  • J. Briolay : DTamb, BioEnvis (jerome.briolay@univ-lyon1.fr)
  • C. Oger : PRABI, BioEnvis (Christine.Oger@univ-lyon1.fr)
  • C. Pera : Modélisation et Sc. numérique Fr FLMSN (christophe.pera@univ-lyon1.fr)
  • R. Chiriac : Analyse thermique, ICL (rodica.chiriac@univ-lyon1.fr)
  • Anne Baudouin (CCRMN)
  • Virginie Gueguen-Chaignon (PSF)
  • Brigitte Prevel (ILMTECH)