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Institut de Chimie et Biochimie Moléculaires et Supramoléculaires

The Institute of Molecular and Supramolecular Chemistry and Biochemistry (ICBMS - UMR5246) comprises about 180 people and has nine teams whose research themes relate to both Chemistry and Biochemistry. ICBMS also includes common services and platforms, including the Common Center for Mass Spectrometry (CCSM). The CCSM is currently composed of a research engineer who directs and coordinates the management of the center and two assistant engineers who carry out analyses (about 6000 / years). The primary mission of the CCSM is to meet the needs of the chemistry and biochemistry teams by providing them with the analytical tools needed to characterize organic molecules (impurities, synthetic products, reaction intermediates, etc.). Based on mass spectrometry, coupled or not with separative techniques (liquid chromatography and gas chromatography), the CCSM has several advanced equipments that allow the analysis of a wide range of molecules (see Descriptives Equipment).

Federation :


Lab tutorship :


Domaine Scientifique de la Doua - 43, Boulevard du 11 Novembre 1918
Batiment CPE - Aile A - Etage 3
69616 Villeurbanne

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Steering committee

Composition :

  • Président UCBL 1
  • VP Recherche UCBL 1
  • Chargé de mission "Plateformes" UCBL 1
  • Responsable Fédération FRAMA
  • Responsable Fédération ICL
  • Responsable Fédération Bioenvis
  • Responsable Fédération FLMSN
  • Responsable Fédération C2I@L
  • Coordinateur cellule MEANS


  • S. Gavarini : CTµ, FRAMA/ICL/BioEnvis – Coordinateur (stephane.gavarini@univ-lyon1.fr)
  • E. Jeanneau : CDHL, ICL (erwann.jeanneau@univ-lyon1.fr)
  • P. Pittet : NanoLyon, FRAMA et ICL (Patrick.Pittet@univ-lyon1.fr)
  • J. Briolay : DTamb, BioEnvis (jerome.briolay@univ-lyon1.fr)
  • C. Oger : PRABI, BioEnvis (Christine.Oger@univ-lyon1.fr)
  • C. Pera : Modélisation et Sc. numérique Fr FLMSN (christophe.pera@univ-lyon1.fr)
  • R. Chiriac : Analyse thermique, ICL (rodica.chiriac@univ-lyon1.fr)